POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE: I-90 somewhere in Wisconsin

POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE: I-90 somewhere in Wisconsin…sitting here, watching the miles tick by, on our way back to Minnesota. (Fun fact of the day: last night I learned that more than one member of Hairball can do a great impression of Michael McDonald and those impressions WILL stay stuck in my head for HOURS) This past week we checked off a couple new states, bringing the total to 11 since I got on board last month. We also played our first show in MN last Friday and it was great to see so many friends pack the streets of Goodhue!

Now that the summer schedule is in full swing we will be bringing this Bombastic Celebration of Arena Rock across the country and back again so get your tickets, buckle up and prepare for the ride of your life! We will see you soon. – HBK