Hairball opens Thunder Mountain Amphitheater summer concert series

Randy "Freaky"Engebritson, Bobby Jensen and Michael "Happy" Schneider of Hairball play an AC/DC set. The band performs at 7 p.m. June

Randy “Freaky”Engebritson, Bobby Jensen and Michael “Happy” Schneider of Hairball play an AC/DC set. The band performs at 7 p.m. June 11 at Thunder Mountain Amphitheater, 4250 Byrd Drive, Loveland. (Courtesy of Eric Sherman / Special to the Reporter-Herald)

Thunder Mountain Amphitheater, 4250 Byrd Drive, Loveland, is starting its summer concert series with big pyrotechnics, big lights and big hair.

“I would have to call it a rock ‘n’ roll time machine,” said Bobby Jensen, lead singer of Hairball. The band will open the Loveland amphitheater’s summer concert series at 7 p.m. June 11. Cost is $20. Other shows to look forward to this summer are the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Trace Adkins, Aaron Watson and Big and Rich.

Hairball is not a tribute band, it’s a re-enactment of some of the greatest bands of arena rock ‘n’ roll. Jensen along with Joe Dandy (lead vocals), Steve Reckinger (lead vocals), Michael “Happy” Schneider (lead guitar/vocals), Randy “Freaky” Engebritson (bass/vocals), and Blake Seybolt (drums), not only perform the music of bands like Kiss, Van Halen, AC/DC and Bon Jovi, but recreate the shows, costumes and all.

“If you get tired of Guns N’ Roses after a few minutes, that’s great, Journey is going to be next,” he said. The group dons full Kiss gear, has a boa constrictor for Alice Cooper sets, and they know all the moves to go with songs.

“Even Bon Jovi who really has nothing extra to the show, you still get the reaction of people that enjoy the Jon Bon Jovi and that’s as exciting as breathing fire or having a snake around my neck,” Jensen said.

Hairball offers audiences a chance to relive the days of going to see their favorite bands live.

“It’s all about the music and that song and that feeling you have,” he said. Some of the bands they impersonate don’t tour very often or at all anymore. Fans can go back for just a little while to experience that same energy again.

Hairball started 17 years ago, Jensen has been apart of it for 16. There have been a few changes in the lineup but the group is still made up of guys that have known each other for a lifetime.

“The truth is we are the same guys that were playing this stuff in the ’80s and we decided we didn’t want to grow up and get real jobs,” Jensen said. The group started to take themselves more seriously. Jensen said the idea was a Vegas-style show that has the real energy of a rock ‘n’ roll show. It started small with just a few extra things.

“Then we had to get a truck and that’s where things go downhill for you, cause then you have this truck and you think, what can we put in this truck?,” he said. As they group got bigger trucks, the show began to grow.

“Next thing you know there’s 20 of you going down the road putting on a rock ‘n’ roll circus,” he said.

Jensen said the band has far surpassed their wildest expectations with audiences. As for the members, they have gotten to live out their rock ‘n’ roll fantasy from time to time as over the years they have been joined by the very people they impersonate.

“You grow up and want to be in their band, but you never think they will be in yours,” Jensen said.

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