Hairball Honors Cheap Trick


With all the time we spend traveling we have a lot of time on our hands to come up with fun ideas.

This is one of them. Hairball Honors…

Each month of the year in 2017 we will “honor” one of our favorite bands or artists. By “honor” we mean play a few extra tracks from each honoree as well as some deep tracks during our live shows. We’ll also be on our website and social media (Facebook & Twitter) with videos, photos and stories from the members of Hairball and their crew sharing experiences related to said honoree.

We want you all to be involved as well. Send or post anything related to that month’s honoree. Stories, experiences, videos, photos…whatever! If it’s related, we wanna hear and/or see it!

Those of you who recently saw us the 30th at Jackpot Junction and/or at the New Year’s show in Medina, you already know who we’ve chosen as the first Hairball Honors… band. And already experienced a new song we performed by this group.

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready to rock? Are you ready or not?… CHEAP TRICK!!!

We chose Cheap Trick because, for one reason, Steve does a great job looking like the coolest singer in the world! Secondly, we consider it an “honor” to maybe turn some new people onto Cheap Trick. They never really got as big as say Bon Jovi or KISS but they were just as important to us, and many others! Rick Nielsen, Bun E. Carlos, Tom Petersson and Robin Zander created one of America’s most important rock bands in 1973 and in 2016 were FINALLY inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Few bands, if any, have withstood the test of time and held their “sound” together and continually show up and play like they did 40+ years ago. They’re silly, sexy, powerful, tight as hell, soft & sweet but can tear your head off the next minute. Their albums throughout the years have been masterpieces – always 100% Cheap Trick, regardless of the “sound” of that era.

Cheap Trick especially motivates Hairball in the way they tour relentlessly. They know the REAL ROCKERS are out there on the road. However, they travel the planet. We’re working on it! This band has stayed relevant and always did it on their terms.

Do yourself a favor and stayed tuned! If you’re not a huge Cheap Trick fan, you will be! And if you are, share your stories, photos, videos, whatever you have related to Cheap Trick and post on our Facebook and/or Twitter and we’ll share some on our website. Help us honor the bands and artists that have made the world a better place while creating such timeless music and, just as importantly, performed live concerts that none of us will ever forget!