BVC readies for Hairball

OTTUMWA — The community has seen some highs and lows throughout 2017 and into 2018 but good news comes in the form of returning crowd favorite, Hairball.

The gods-of-rock tribute is an ever-evolving event and has been around for 18 years. Bassist, and part of the core three frontmen, Happy, had much to say.

“It may start out as KISS with the characters decked out and building intensity,” said Happy. “But give it three minutes and it’ll turn into anything. Journey. Alice Cooper. Twisted Sister.”

Happy considers himself a ringmaster of sorts. But, he said, the group is like a wolfpack; they all bring different qualities to the show to make it as great as they can.

As much as he likes his bandmates he also gives credit where credit is due. Happy said the whole point of the tribute is to give thanks to the ones who made the music.

“These guys are the Mount Rushmore of our rock history,” Happy said. “It’s nothing but the best smorgasbord of all the artists.”

The band and crew are just as excited to come to Ottumwa as every other stop they make. Happy said every year is bigger than the year before and he hopes it continues to grow and evolve. The town and Bridge View Center are ready for rock and roll.

“Hairball is a Midwest phenomenon and a show that continues to sell tickets year over year, and this still holds true right here in Ottumwa,” said Scott Halgren, Bridge View Center executive director. “We are thrilled to have them back at Bridge View Center this Saturday, January 13.”

Ottumwa should expect bigger, better and bolder than any other year before.

“I can say that we bought some more effects and pyrotechnics. The show will be bigger,” said Happy. “We have been evolving and adding elements. But there is also the human element where anything can happen depending on the audience.”

He hopes even one night can make a difference to someone. Happy said it is about the magic of music they share together. The rockstars and the rocking audience under one roof.

“It’s just time to close the laptop and time to force yourself to get out in public and live life,” Happy said. “Let’s do it! Share the show and the music and the times. It’s time to get off the couch and do some rock and roll workouts.”